“Ecstatic”, that is the only word came to our mind after visiting Ganeshpura Vanlakshmi women’s cooperative green farm.

After stressful urban life, our visit to Ganeshpura revitalized all the 33 staff members of our college with energy to face the life again. We are grateful to the members of cooperative society for our warm and uniquely traditional well come along with lovely hygienic food. The atmosphere was so good that we felt oneness with nature.

I congratulate Sewa for creating such much needed green, environment friendly place and through which it is also generating livelihood for the marginalized women of local area.  

On behalf of my all the staff members, I am thanking all of you to provide us with such a beautiful venue for relaxation and enjoyment very near to our city. I also extend our cooperation whenever it is needed in future to support your endeavour. We will be more than happy to be a part of your activities.

Kudos to Sewa and fellow sisters.

Anita Ghare- I/C Principal- C U Shah Science College, Ahmedabad

A wonderful day. I loved it very much. I loved the camel cart very much.-Virajbhai Shah, Harshi Shah
A wonderful one day picnic. The staff was totally co-operative. An awesome place! Food was excellent and a superb welcome followed by great hospitality -Belu Shah
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